Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A Quick Shore Bassing Trip 05-12-12

I have not been able to get out on the kayak since 20th October.  The marks I tend to fish are rather exposed and it does not take much of an onshore wind to make you decide to stay onshore particularly in the late autumn and winter months and recently the weather has been awful.  There is no doubt since I started kayak fishing my catches have improved in quantity, quality and variety of species however, it can be frustrating when you just can't get out!  That is one reason I would never give up shore fishing, another is that I can go for short spur of the moment trips when time is limited.  If I go out on the kayak it tends to be for at least half a day but more often the whole day.

I had an unexpected couple of hours free and decided to do some plug fishing for Bass.  It was low water at 15:20 and I could just make it to start fishing at low water minus 30 minutes and fish up to dusk/darkness at about 16:45 therefore, a very short trip.

Once again the mark was a shallow rough ground mark and fortunately only ten minutes from my home therefore, very handy for a quick trip.  The great thing about shore plug fishing is that you can travel so light and it takes no time to put the gear together, get in the car and go and I usually have my gear on standby for such an occasion.

When plug fishing I like move around but due to the limited amount of time, I could only try a couple of spots.  If I strayed too far from my starting point I might have a bit of a problem getting back over the rocks in the dark and having once fractured an ankle slipping on the rocks, I am much more cautious now!  Not to be recommended I can assure you!

At one point it looked like this trip was to draw a blank but just as the light was about to go I hooked and landed a small Bass which took the plug just a I was about to lift it out of the water.

Undersized Bass Returned

The fish was undersized and returned however, any Bass is a pleasure to catch and better than nothing at all.  The fish took an IMA Komono SF 125 over shallow rough weedy ground.

IMA Komono SF 125

Bad light then stopped play and it was time to head home.

Most of the shore fishing I do from September to January is for Bass.  I either plug fish over rough ground or bait fish from the beach.  Hopefully, I will be able to get out on the kayak this winter and if so will be targeting Cod and Pollack.

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