Sunday, 2 February 2014

Razor Fish / Clams Catching and Using as Bait

As regards getting out on the kayak to do some fishing, the weather has been awful recently therefore, I decided to take advantage of a big spring tide and top up on my supply of razor fish to be used later as bait for Sea Bass and Gilthead Bream and of course a few for the dinner table.  Below is a video and apologies for the sound of the wind in the background.


  1. Not sure if I'm doing this commenting right but great site very interesting I'm on the Roseland in a couple of weeks for holidays and would like to try collecting some razor clams, obviously I don't expect your favorites but any suggestions what beaches I could try, regards Simon.

    1. Hi Simon. You could try Rosevine beach but you need a big low water spring tide. The next springs are the week beginning the 25th and try to pick the lowest days in that week. Ideally, you need a bigger spring tide than the tide that week however, still worth trying. Another option is the small sandy area that exposes at low water on Towan Beach. Carne beach produces some but once again on a very big spring tide. Hope this helps. Rob.


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