Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Creek Fishing for Grey Mullet July 2014

Catching Grey Mullet provides the rod and line angler with a great challenge but when successful a great deal of satisfaction.  They can be extremely frustrating and for me, out of all the fish I fish for, the hardest to catch.

Each summer I like to target Grey Mullet purely for the challenge rather than the dinner table.  The video below is about creek fishing for Grey Mullet with tips on tackle and techniques.  The average Mullet in the creek may only be small however; they still offer what seems at times, an impossible task to catch one.  The video also contains the surprise catching of a small Sea Bass on bread.


  1. Hi Rob,
    Great video. I too fish at that spot. There are some better fish to be had further up the creek where there is a small inlet on the left. Over high water some good fish using similar methods as you. I go 5lb point though. Had lots of small bass there on a tiny mepps spinner too, but nothing big enough for the table.
    Love your videos!

    1. Hi Mick. Thanks for the comment and pleased you enjoyed the video. I know the inlet you are talking about having paddled up there in the kayak and I will try it there sometime. Mullet fishing is something I like to do a few times in the summer purely for the challenge and I sometimes fish of the harbour wall in St Mawes at times when it is quieter. You are right a much lighter point to hook would be better. Rob


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