Saturday, 2 August 2014

Shore Plug Fishing for Sea Bass July - Aug 2014

The time of year has come for me to start doing a bit of Bass fishing from both the shore and the kayak.  In the autumn and early winter months (Sept – Dec) I will be increasing the number of trips.

One method of shore Bass fishing I really enjoy is lure fishing.

Below is a video of a couple of recent trips plug fishing for Bass over shallow rough ground.


  1. Hey Rob!
    Best video yet! Really enjoyed it!. Given you said it was early August, I reckon it must have been last Friday when it rained. I was going to fish that exact mark, but decided on Killigerran Head round the corner from St Anthonys! Coincidentally I fished with a savage gear phsyco sandeel just like your third lure. Unfortunately I never touched a fish! Got soaked through and eaten by horseflies on the walk back!
    Have fished that mark with some success in the past, but always returned the catch.
    Looking forward to the next videos.
    Best thing on the 'net imo.

    1. Thanks Mick. It was Friday afternoon. The mark is starting to get more awkward to fish with plugs due to the thongweed or spaghetti weed, which sits on the surface although there will be some clearer areas however, I will soon start to use weedless soft plastics. The weed dies down again late October. Never fished Killigerran Head but I have heard it can fish well. We are heading into a good time of the year for Bass fishing so hope to get a few from the kayak. Rob.

  2. the rough ground looks very similar my side of the estuary just south of Mylor...just ordered a Tackle House Feed Shallow...I presume I have a chance of bass until mid December? -Great vid by the way- :)

    1. Thank you for the comment. You can still catch Bass on lures to the end of December. If possible try to pick the best tides for fishing and have a look at this site: The Feed Shallow is a great plug for shallow rough ground. Persist with it and it will catch Bass. Rob.


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