Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The Unexpected Catch: Targeting Turbot - Catching Codling - Fish Finders Do Find Fish - August 2014

Whenever I go out fishing from the kayak I always have a target species in mind, gear up, and adopt the tactics required for that species however, one of the great things about fishing is the unexpected catch. On a recent trip, I set out to catch Turbot however, thanks to the fish finder ended up catching Codling.

Below is a video of the trip, which looks at using the fish finder to identify fish and tackling up for Turbot and Cod.


  1. Hi Rob,
    Another top video. Really informative.
    Going to have to get a fish finder fitted to my yak.
    Looking at Gull rock, presume you fished the sands off Portholland??
    Never fished there off the yak, more shore fishing from Caerheys.
    Thanks for posting the videos, I really do enjoy them.

    1. Hi Mick. Thanks for the comment. You will find a fish finder really useful. Yes, it is off Portholland and interesting you mention Caerhays because I have fished that beach and off the rocks from the shore for thirty years now mainly in the autumn early winter months and had some great fishing there and it is my favourite place to go beach fishing plus there is some good fishing out on the kayak from there. Rob.


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