Friday, 12 September 2014

Rough Ground Fishing for Cod with Weedless Lures

Weedless lures are a great asset to have in your tackle box when fishing very snaggy areas.  Sometimes, you need to get right into those snags to catch fish.  Rough ground areas can be tackle hungry however, the modern weedless lures and the weedless set up enable you to fish those areas with minimal tackle loses.

Below is a video about rough ground fishing for Cod using weedless lures and weedless rigging.


  1. Hi Rob,
    Great video again.
    Never used the weedless lures you advocate, but sure will do now.
    Never even had a codling from the yak either, but will try for some soon once these easterlies have blown through.
    Thanks for posting . Keep em coming!

  2. We had an unusually good run of Cod/Codling about 4 years ago and the following couple of years produced some decent Cod (up to 10lb for me) so hopefully, a few will take up residents and become what is known as kelpies or kelp Cod, which take residents in rough ground and can be caught fairly close to shore. Let's hope so as they do make a pleasant change from Pollack. Rob.


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