Monday, 17 November 2014

Kayak Fishing for Estuary Whiting - Where to Fish and Positioning the Anchor

Whiting migrate into the Fal Estuary in the autumn.  The majority are small pin Whiting however, October, November, and December can produce much larger fish up to and over the specimen size of 2lb.

1lb 9oz

The Estuary is large therefore; choosing a place to fish can be a dilemma. The following video is about a recent November 2014 trip targeting Whiting and covers choosing a location on a marine fishing chart, anchoring as close to that location as possible with the aid of a GPS, and the tackle used.


  1. Hi Robert, Just found your site...great stuff! I am looking to purchase I kayak for fishing in the new year and am in your neck of the woods. I am new to fishing. Do you know the small stone quay opposite Mylor Harbour on the Mylor peninsula? Have you got any tips for fishing off that at this time of year...I have an 8ft spinning rod and a 12 ft carp rod. Thanks again for all the effort you have made writing the blog it really helps to clear some things up. Kind regards. Ben

    1. Hi Ben. Thank you for the comment and pleased you find the site useful. I do not know the quarry however, from the shore you would be fishing on the shallow banks and Bass are still around. You can lure fish for them with shallow diving plugs. If you bait fish from the shore you may pick up Bull Huss, Thornback Ray, and Dogfish. Kayak fishing will give you far more options and success. I occasionally paddle over to that side and fish the Stanwood Wreck not far from Mylor for Pollack. The general rule is the shallow banks close to the shore for Bass and the deeper water for Thornback Ray, Bull Huss, Dogfish, Whiting, Mackerel, Herring, Scad, Gurnard, Squid. Best to go to my Youtube Channel where you will get better access to all of the videos many of which are from the Fal here is the link: Hope this helps, Rob P.S. Good luck with the kayak.

  2. Hi Rob,
    Another fascinating video, top quality and very interesting.
    Just back from a month in Portugal, and despite 30 hours fishing, not a single fish!
    Will be out on the yak as soon as the weather allows to hopefully have a few fish before Christmas.

    1. Hi Mick. Many thanks for the comment. I thought the fishing in Portugal was good. Hope there was plenty of sun to compensate. I'm up country for Christmas and about as far from the sea as you can get but hopefully, will be doing some Pike fishing. Back New Year week and hoping the forecast is OK to get out on the kayak. Rob.


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