Monday, 1 December 2014

Multi Species Fishing - Cod, Whiting, Bull Huss, Dogfish, Gurnard, Scad, Squid

The autumn can be a great time for fishing in Cornwall with an amalgamation of several species of fish that overlap on their various migratory paths. Most times when I go out on the kayak, I have a one-target species in mind and gear up for that species however, at this time of a year with so many different species available; I occasionally have a multi species trip. I set up four rods, two for bait fishing, and two for lure fishing. 

Below is a video of one of those trips.


  1. Hi Rob.
    Particularly enjoyed this video as it reminded me of many happy days fishing out of Fleetwood on my old Warrior 165, 4 rods out, all going crazy.
    I'd be a bit worried of tackling a big angry huss in the confined space of a kayak though!
    Many thanks for posting the video, going to watch the next one now.

  2. Thanks Mick. Glad you enjoyed it. Rob.


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