Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Kayak Fishing - Fishing a New Mark - Navigating using GPS

A GPS with marine navigation charts are great assets when navigating to fishing marks or choosing new marks to fish.  In addition, they are a great safety asset to have on board.

The video below is about navigating to a new fishing mark using a handheld Garmin GPS Map78 with Garmin Blue Charts g2, and Garmin HomePort software to set a waypoint to the mark thus finding it with ease.  Once at the rough ground mark known as Lath Rock, the fishing is drift fishing and vertical jigging using lures such as Sidewinder Weedless Minnows, Savage Sandeel Slugs, and Slug-Go’s rigged as a drop shot rig for decent sized inshore reef Pollack.


  1. Hi Rob just waiting for delivery of Garmin 78s wonder what operating system it runs on as I am Windows 8 and not sure if it will work for the home port software many thanks Gary

  2. Hi Gary. Home port software works on Windows XP or later therefore, yes no problem for Windows 8. I use Windows 8.1. I am sure you are aware but just in case, you have to purchase the Blue Charts g2 as the GPS only comes with a world base map, which is no good for fishing or marine navigation. You can choose either the UK or your region Cornwall is: HEU463S - Bristol Channel & England S/W https://buy.garmin.com/en-GB/GB/maps/on-the-water-maps/bluechart-g2-interactive-maps/heu463s-bristol-channel-england-s-w/prod72401.html It is installed on a micro SD card. With Home Port on your computer and blue charts on the GPS, all you do is plug the GPS into the computer via a USB and open Home Port then choose the charts in stalled on the GPS. Rob

  3. Many thanks for the lnfo rob will down in gorran from the end of june for 2 weeks hope to be all sorted out by then cheers Gary


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