Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Preparing Sea Bass Lures (Replacing Trebles with Plugging Singles on Plugs and Making up Soft Plastics)

Sea Bass are a great fish to fish for and it will soon be the time of year for me to target them with lures in a variety of different ways. My lures have been idle since December last year sitting in the garage with hooks rusted and in need of replacing. Last year I experimented with replacing the trebles on plugs with Decoy plugging single hooks and I intend to continue with the single hooks this season. In addition to replacing the hooks on my plugs, I need to make up some soft plastics weedless and non-weedless.

Below is a video going through choosing the correct size of plugging singles depending on the size of plug and making up the soft plastics, which include the Fish Arrow J 5" SW, Slug-Go's, Savage Sandeels, and Savage Sandeel Slugs. The plugs used are the Tackle House Feed Shallow 128 and 105, the IMA Komono SF 125, and the IMA Salt Skimmer.


  1. Hi Rob

    thanks for your fantastic videos and tutorials. The best that I have seen anywhere online and extremely informative and helpful. I've now purchased some soft plastics for use in Devon and Cornwall this summer. I have also recently obtained some braided line, following the setup and rig that you use. Would it be possible, for future videos, to give a brief demo on how to load braid and what backing to use etc? Keep up the good work! Mick Adams

    1. Hi Mick. Thank you for your message and glad the videos have been of use to you. Next time I have to load braid I will look into a video. In the meantime if you put in the YouTube search box 'loading braid avoid line twist' there are a few videos on how to do this. As regards backing line use mono and you only need enough nylon to cover the bare spool. Unlike mono, never completely fill the spool with braid leave 1/8" from the top. Rob.


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