Monday, 24 August 2015

Float Fishing for Mackerel - Tips for Beginners

I am sure many of us that have taken up sea fishing have at some point float fished for Mackerel and other species such as Garfish and Pollack from harbour walls, deep shelving beaches, or rocky outcrops. No matter how experienced you become at sea fishing or how many species of fish you target the basic technique of float fishing for the humble Mackerel is for me still great fun and something I like to do a few times each summer and autumn when the Mackerel come close to shore to feed on baitfish.

The video below is one of those occasions with tips, pointers, and advice for those new to float fishing for Mackerel.


  1. Hi rob I'm a local kayaker who launches from portholland and sometimes from St just can you give me some good fishing marks, much appreciated
    Will W

  2. Hi Will. Any of the shallow banks in the Carrick Roads hold Bass such as the North Bank, St Mawes Bank, and off the castle at St Mawes. The deep channel holds a variety of species depending on the time of year and the Stanwood Wreck near the North Bank Buoy can be fished for Pollack although the majority are not very big. Drifting with lures off the right headland at Portholland (heading towards Portloe) is a good mark to try. Rob.


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