Sunday, 27 September 2015

Fishing Kayak Rigging - Wilderness Thresher 140 (Part 3) Fitting a Fish Finder and GPS

Part 3 of the rigging of the Thresher 140 for fishing includes the fitting of a fish finder and GPS. A Garmin Echo 550c is fitted to the Flex Pod OS Removable Console and a Garmin GPS Map 78 to a track.

The video below shows the fitting process involved including fitting the transducer to the base of the console, the fish finder to the top, the running of the cables through cable glands, and the fitting of the battery inside the console along with securing the GPS to the track.


  1. Hi,
    Can you explain how you got your transducer cable thought the bulkhead seals without cutting the cable?

    1. One thing never to do is cut a transducer cable as it is not the same as cutting a power cable and re connecting. The transducer would not work correctly. The diameter of my transducer connection to the finder is not that big therefore, I just found a suitable sized cable gland with a hole big enough for the connection but not too big not to tighten around the thinner wire cable and only tiny gaps when tightened but then filled with marine sealant. If your finder has a large diameter connection to the finder you would need to use the deck seal type router such as a Scan Strut Deck Seal. These have a quoted diameters for the connection and the cable and rubber grommets to tighten around the wire. If you cannot use an ordinary cable gland Google Scanstrut Deck Seal and check out the measurements.

  2. I suspected you wouldn't cut the transducer cable, I've bought a couple of index marine cable glands for the job (not cheep!).
    It's a pity there isn't the ability to chose a cable length for transducers.
    Thanks for the information.


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