Thursday, 24 September 2015

Harbour Wall Fishing - Meeting Brandon Jones - The UK and European Shore Caught Cod Record Holder at 44.5lbs

Harbour wall fishing is popular and sociable and you nearly always end up chatting to fellow anglers with different experiences. On a recent trip to Mevagissey, I got chatting to the angler next to me who turned out to be Brandon Jones the UK and European shore caught Cod record holder with a fantastic fish weighing 44½lbs caught in 1966.

50 years on, Brandon is now a level two angling coach and in the video below, we talked about his coaching, his magnificent catch, and an interesting rig he was using from the harbour wall on this session. Apologies for the low sound in parts of the video.

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  1. Brandon Jones such a great person in the world. He is too much experienced about fishing. In his career he broke many of world record.i can learn many of thing about fishing from this person.


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