Saturday, 27 February 2016

Winter Kayak Fishing - How to Keep Warm Using the Layered Clothing System

I like to fish all year round including the winter months. To be able to fish in the colder months, I need to stay as warm as possible and to achieve that I use the layered clothing system.

In the video below, I look at the clothing I wear along with an additional way of keeping the feet warm.


  1. Hi rob , had our first trip of the year out fishing off the south coast today , it was pretty chilly , I'll be adding a few more layers next time especial on the feet , had a few chunky wrasse and a few mackerel , no cod yet, cu out there soon

    1. Hi Ricko. Good that you got out and caught a few. That was a bit cold but nice and sunny. If you have not already, try those heat aids for the feet. They help me for a few hours at least. Rob.


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