Thursday, 24 March 2016

Catching a Cuckoo Wrasse

I was drift fishing for Plaice a couple of days and part of the drift took me over rough ground and of course, I had to bring the bait rods in until I cleared the rough ground.  However, rather than stop fishing I had a lure rod made up to see if I could pick up some Pollack or Cod then continue with the Plaice fishing once clear of the rough ground.  An unexpected catch turned up when I hooked a stunning looking male Cuckoo Wrasse. Male Cuckoo Wrasse only grow to about 40cm and tend to stay in deeper water than Ballan Wrasse.  Although I had caught a male Cuckoo Wrasse before not one of this size therefore, a personal best.  They are a wonderful tropical looking fish and a pleasure to catch.  The fish was returned.

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