Sunday, 8 May 2016

How to Dig Sand Gaper Clams by Hand - A Great Bait for Gilthead Bream and Bass

I am starting to prepare for my Gilthead Bream fishing and bait collecting is one of those preparations. I am a great fan of using clams as bait for the following reasons one, because they are very much a natural bait for Gilthead Bream and any bream I have caught in the past had its stomach contents full of crushed clam shells. Two, because they work well from frozen therefore, it is very convenient just to go to the freezer and take the bait I need for the session and three, they re-freeze well making it economical as regards the effort needed to collect them. Apart from that you can eat them as well.
Razor Clams have proven to be a great clam to use however, there are other clams that are equally as good and one of those is the Sand Gaper Clam. It is good to have an alternative to Razor Clams and  Sand Gaper Clams are easy to dig up once you have mastered to technique of locating the burrows.

The video below shows how I locate the burrows and collect the clams digging by hand.


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