Sunday, 25 September 2016

The Sea Float Fishing Anti Tangle Rig

Have any of you ever had the annoying problem of tangles when you cast out a standard sea float-fishing rig, such as the hook caught on top of the float?
In the video below, I look at a sea float fishing anti tangle rig. A brilliant rig that cuts right down on tangles when casting your float from venues such as harbour walls, rocky outcrops, and beaches for species such as Mackerel, Garfish, Pollack, and Wrasse.


  1. Hi Rob, just to say, another great video, However, quick question. In your previous video about float fishing for mackerel, you suggest only 6" of thicker line containing the weight between swivels. This worked really well for me this summer and we had zero tangles and loads of fish. What's made you change to the longer 18" length between, mate?

  2. Thank you for your comment and glad the set up has worked well for you. When making the previous video when I first talked about this rig I forgot to say that if you have the length of thicker line a bit longer you can set the trace at a decent length whereby it cannot reach above the float whereas a 6" length and a lets say a 18"-24" trace can. Although the shorter length does cut right down on the tangles with moderate casting distance it does not guarantee a non tangle particularly if you have to cast a distance with a lot of force. In this video, I wanted to show the rig that would virtually eliminate tangles no matter how much force you put into a cast. If you are just lobbing the rig out no problem with the short piece but if you ever need to really cast out a distance and you find the occasional tangle try the longer piece.

    1. Thanks for the explanation, Rob. As I've said, you really do help the less experienced angler with your videos and tips. I always look forward to watching them when I'm stuck at my desk in London! Cheers.


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