Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Catch and Cook - Razor Fish/Clam - A Fantastic Recipe!

Collecting your own Razor Fish, otherwise known as Razor Clam or Razor Shell, and then cooking them is for me a real treat a few times a year.
In the video below, I collect and cook some of the clams using one of the best recipes I have tried from years of foraging for and cooking razor clams. If you like shellfish, it is absolutely delicious!


  1. Well Rob I asked you for some more recipes and you obliged thanks.
    Dare I suggest a few more during these dreary winter months.
    Don't know if you have a chowder recipe but if you have then please share it with us,or indeed any others you personally like.
    All the best for 2017.

    1. Hi Chris. Thank you for the comment. More cooking videos will come in the future as additions to the fishing. However, due to commitments of earning a living otherwise known as the dreaded work I can only commit to at least one new video per month although in the course of a year it always works out much more than 12. I wish I could commit to a weekly schedule for the videos but there is no money in making YouTube UK sea fishing videos hence work has to come first and the video making an enjoyable hobby. All being well new videos will be out sometime in Feb and I will endeavour to include a cooking video as planned. Rob.

    2. Dear Rob,
      Looking forward to the next video as always.
      I've been meaning to ask about the 'pipe insulation 'that you have tie wrapped to some of your rods,but keep forgetting.
      I realise it must be some form of protection but can't work out what.

  2. Hi Chris. They are known as Rod Floaters and an alternative to leashing your rods should the rod go overboard. I purchased them from Cabelas in the US and they are called 8" Blakemore Rod Floaters. I do not think you can get them in the UK.


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