Thursday, 20 April 2017

Q&A: How Do You Load Your Fishing Kayak On Your Car Roof?

A question I am often asked is how I load my fishing kayak on the car roof rack. Understandable as they can be heavy and awkward.

Although there are kayak loaders on the market to help, the method I use is a D.I.Y method that works with my car and below is a video on how I do it to answer that question.


  1. Great video. I put my back out recently and now struggle with my OK ultra at nearly 40kg. How do you support the hull profile? My dilemma is that loading right side up is easier as you demonstrate but the yak is more secure on the rack upside down.

    1. Thank you for your comment. It is interesting how some prefer to load hull up and some hull down. I have always loaded hull down and strap down to the roof bars and my two upright bars with two pairs of kayak roof rack straps and to date I have not had any issues. For me, much easier hull down as to put the kayak on hull up would mean removing so many accessories.


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